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I had the immense pleasure of writing for Spoiler Country: Mad Men at the UCB Theater. Headed up by Ryan Hitchcock and Dave Christenson, I joined excellent writers like Allan McLeod, Alex Fernie, Julie Brister, Bradford Evans, Mike Still and many many more to write a new episode of Mad Men exquisite corpse style (one page at a time, only seeing the page prior to yours). Last night was the live read.

The above page was my contribution. I will probably never get over that a room full of people (my favorite room full of some of my favorite people) heard these words out loud.

Shout out to Danny Cohen who was tasked to write the page after this and truly couldn’t have written anything more lovely.

This was so much fun! Here’s my page!

Valentines Poem

Danny Danny, butt so fancy
chocolate pumper, white plumper
Stick it out, shake it round
let that booty blare that sound…


The sounds of the streets
Dominican, Korean, Puerto Rican, Polish
The sounds of the people
This is how we show it

Danny got that butt that loves to fart
Danny got them farts that speak the truth
Danny got that truth that we all know
Blare it loud
Heard that sound: